Two new cast members for Gogglebox have been announced

Two new cast members for Gogglebox have been announced ...

On Channel 4, Gogglebox relaunched on Friday night (September 23) and this time, two brand new cast members joined the cast.

Danielle and Daniella, Leeds, are joining the list of sofa stars.

The official Gogglebox Twitter account posted a photo of the two friends together on the couch with the caption: Meet our new Goggleboxers, Danielle and Daniella.

Danielle and Daniella, our new Goggleboxers, are my new best pals. #newbies #Gogglebox

On social media, fans welcomed the two newbies with open arms, who already seem to fall in love with the new couple.

One person tweeted: Loving the new girls! Gotta say I love all of the families/friends on Gogglebox.

Loving the new girls Gotta say I love all the families/friends on #gogglebox on #gogglebox.

While another said, it's always nice to see new faces. Have fun ladies!

It's always nice to see new faces. Have a great weekend, ladies!

Another one has already been added.

They're already a laugh.

The Goggleboxers gathered to watch BBC News, which covered the line leading up to the Queen's coffin at Westminster Hall in London, along with The Masked Dancer, Frozen Planet II, Bad Sisters, The Grand Tour: A Scandi Flick, Secret Crush, and the Queen's State Funeral.

Last week, the cast members reacted to the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the longest-reigning monarch in the United Kingdom.

Huw Edwards, presenter of BBC News, announced to the world that the Queen had died at Balmoral Castle in Scotland on September 8, 2022.

"She promised whether it was a long term or a short one, she would work till the end," Jenny said, who couldn't help but cry.

On Channel 4, Gogglebox airs on Friday nights at 9pm.