Carlos leaving G2 is he a hero or a villain? kennyS, Ludwig, and others respond to Carlos's departure

Carlos leaving G2 is he a hero or a villain? kennyS, Ludwig, and others respond to Carlos's departur ...

Carlos Rodriguez Santiago, G2's creator, shocked social media with the sudden news that he would resign as G2s CEO today. Many current and former G2 members, streamers, and other esports industry professionals have expressed their opinions about the figurehead's unexpected departure.

Carlos responded to the outcry on September 17 by posting a video of himself in a club with controversial figures Andrew and Tristan Tate. Many replies refer to the ongoing criminal investigation into the brothers and Andrew Tates' generally misogynistic social media presence.

Carlos remained mute for the next five days, while issues of an apology and still posting all of the offending tweets remain. The G2 founders announcement sent waves across Twitter, provoking reactions from around the esports and influencer world.

Carlos is discussed by past and present G2 players.

Many G2 players, both previous and present, responded to Carlos' departure. Mithy, a League of Legends support player who won four consecutive LEC titles with the organization, expressed his gratitude to his former CEO. The now-100 Thieves coach stated that while Carlos had his flaws, he will always have Mithy's respect for his contributions to esports.

It's a great sport, and when you've given me my respetio, it's great (Por muy cabroncete que hayas sido a veces)

Mixwell, a former CS player who has been a majorstay on G2's VALORANT team since its inception, thanked Carlos for the years they spent together on G2, noting that he knew how he handled this situation.

KennyS, a CS:GO player and content creator, took a more humorous approach to Carlos' departure, joking that [a]s the new CEO Im announcing my return to the active roster. Before joining G2 in 2017, KennyS saw many years on the starting roster before being delegated to the bench, yet still serving the organization.

No matter how small our 1 hiccup, this is a fucking terrible day for esports. Stupid as fuck and unfair

Perkz, a former G2 midfielder who dominated the league through two of the most successful seasons in League of Legends history, said the loss of Carlos to G2 is a terrible day for esports. Perkz was particularly critical of Carlos' initial video featuring Andrew Tate, but still considered the G2 decision to be unfair.

Carlos and the G2 VALORANT blunder are discussed by Ludwig.

Ludwig, a YouTube streamer and content creator, was one of many esports-adjacent influencers who shared similar thoughts about Carlos' sudden departure. Simply replying Holy shit under the initial tweet, Ludwig proceeded to refer to the recent loss of the VALORANT contract, which supposedly cost G2 $15 million.

LMAO agrees that Bro losing $15 million is a severe enough punishment.

CaptainFlowers, an esports caster, chastises a former CEO.

Many have focused on Carlos' contributions to the esports industry, but others cited his poor decision-making that led G2's founder to his current situation. Carlos' decision to double-down on his video and the allegedly fake apology he issued after his video was made as a reference to the founders' poor decision making and leadership abilities.

If people criticize you for being a fool and then you reprimand yourself before offering a false apology, you're proving yourself to be unfit as a leader. Carlos put his ego above everything else and cost G2 a lot of money. It's business, plain and simple, and that bullshit is bad for business.

The phony apology tweet might also refer to the ones that Rodriguez liked on Twitter after he posted his initial apology, which seemed to contradict everything that was stated.

Many are still unaware of the unexpected news from one of the most vocal CEOs in esports.