10 Underappreciated Horror Movie Monsters Who Deserve More Attention

10 Underappreciated Horror Movie Monsters Who Deserve More Attention ...

When it comes to the enduring horror genre, which iconic movie monster comes to mind? Audiences might be immediately reminded of the deadly extraterrestrial Xenomorphs from the Alien movie franchise, or their combative foe Predators (Yautja). Perhaps evil slasher killers like Michael Myers from the Halloween movies or Freddy Kreuger fromA Nightmare on Elm Street are your go-to Halloween picks.

There are still far more nostalgic and contemporary horror film monsters that should be known to present-day consumers. From the West to the East, urban legends to grotesque leviathans, the list goes on.

The Socialities in 'Society' (1989)

Before the psychological thriller Joker in 2019, this American body horror film by Brian Yuzna exemplifies the horrors of society. The Socialities are secretly part of a brutal social elite cult organization where after years of selective breeding, they can shape-shift into horrifying structures and melt into a gigantic mass form known as 'impeccable breeding.'

The Socialities can be seen preying on their less fortunate victims by physically sucking the nutrients out of their bodies via orgy-like rituals in In Society (1989).

The Broodlings in 'The Brood' (1979)

Children may be difficult to deal with for most parents, especially mutant kids with sharp teeth and animalistic faces that threaten to choke you to death.

David Cronenberg, a Canadian film author, never fails to impress audiences with his impressive body horror movies. Especially The Brood (1979), an unsettling film about the agonizing nature of divorce and custody disputes, which has resulted in not only the climatic scene featuring a profane display of motherly love, but also the massacres tolerated by the dwarf-ogre hybrids that blend in with other innocent children.

Art the Clown in 'Terrifier' (2016)

The 2016 American slasher film Terrifier will be the first to depict the murderous harlequin's killing streak (as that would be the 2013 horror anthology film All Hallow's Eve).

Art the Clown, wearing a black and white clown costume with a small top hat as a cute finishing touch to his otherwise horrifying face, can be seen roaming around town during Halloween with a large trash bag where he hides his various weapons in order to satisfy his sadistic desires. These abilities include immortality as well as his ability to instill fear in the hearts of his victims when they are least expecting.

The Trolls in 'Trollhunter' (2010)

Trollhunter (2010) is a Norweigian found-footage mockumentary that follows a group of students who set out to record a series of mysterious bear killings. Instead, they encounter an enigmatic hunter who happens to follow Trolls in secret.

The aggressive humanoid giants are thought to be semi-intelligent. Nevertheless, they are notorious for being deadly as they are extremely powerful, capable of killing any human with ease. When confronted with a Troll, however, the prudent approach is either to run and hide or to cover yourself with goo made from "everything you can get from a Troll."

'Braindead' aka 'Dead Alive' (1992): The Mommy Monster

Braindead (1992) is a New Zealand horror comedy film based on Peter Jackson's remarkable success with the Lord of the Rings franchise. The film revolves around a young man named Lionel who must deal with his overbearing mother's erratic behavior while pursuing his love interest.

Lionel's mother Vera begins transforming into a zombie and infects other people, speeding up the zombification of the entire town while giving audiences numerous shocking, horrific scenes. Vera's final form, an elephantine ogre, is something that Sigmund Freud would be interested in studying.

'Carved: The Slit-Mouthed Woman' (2007): The Slit-Mouthed Woman

The Slit-Mouthed Woman is a young Japanese urban legend that is translated into television. Partially covering her face with a mask or other items, she would approach potential victims and ask them whether or not she considers her to be beautiful. Whether the answer is 'yes' or 'no,' the woman will then murder her victims or gift them the same disfigurement as she owns.

The slit-mouthed woman is followed by a divorced teacher as she investigates a series of child abduction cases, and believes that the mystery of the children's disappearances is to blame.

The Crawlers in 'The Descent' Franchise (2005-2009)

What's worse than being trapped in a cave and suffering from claustrophobia? Being trapped in a cave with claustrophobia and hostile humanoid creatures threatening to tow you from limb to limb.

Crawlers are a species that is completely blind, but who have perfected themselves after years of living underground in near darkness, are known in the British horror film. The Crawlers in the film love hunting down the female explorers, which results in blood-splattered confrontations that will deter any expedition enthusiasts.

The Gwoemul in 'The Host' (2006)

Bong Joon-ho, a South Korean filmmaker, directed a similarly riveting eco-horror film titled The Host (2006), in which a father is determined to rescue his daughter from a large amphibian predator that is terrorizing the locals.

The Gwoemul, which literally translates as 'The Monster,' is known for devouring its human victims in one piece while dragging other victims to their sewer system lair for some tasty supper. According to Bong, the creature's appearance is inspired by an actual mutant fish found near the Han River.

Various Creatures in 'The Void' (2016)

The Void (2016), a Lovecraftian horror film, is definitely a must-see for any body horror enthusiast. A group of people includes cops, nurses, and outsiders, who meet mysterious, horrific monsters.

From a terrifying tentacled beast swallowed by a massive tumor mass to a quadrupedal beast with superhuman strength and a skull-like face that eerily reminds audiences of the Newborn from Alien: Resurrection (1997), The Void (2016) features zombies reanimated from the dead, which makes monster designs exciting and refreshing in 21st-century cinema.

The Vampire in 'Rigor Mortis' (2014)

Rigor Mortis (2014) will not only provide fantastic action sequences between kung-fu masters and vengeful ghouls, but it also provides a disturbing and neo-realist perspective on a genre once flooded with horror and comedy elements.

Given their tragic background and fiery behavior, the hopping vampire evokes fond memories while simultaneously provoking fear.