What time does Splatoon 3s Splatfest begin?

What time does Splatoon 3s Splatfest begin? ...

If players wish to bring items centered around Gear, Grub, or Fun to a deserted island, the first official Splatfest is now available for Splatoon 3.

When players log into the game during the Splatfest preview or event proper, they will choose one of the teams available, which will determine who they will team up with, since they will only be paired with other players who have chosen that team for the majority of the time.

The key difference in Splatoon 3 is the introduction of a three-team system, compared to the two teams available in previous games, which does not change much at all. However, once the event closes, there is a chance to play a Tricolor Turf War where the team in the lead will have to face off against players from both sides at the same time.

Even with all of these changes, the event will run as expected from most Splatfest players, including the regional timezone splits that will result in three different winners. So if you plan to participate, here are the dates and times for the next Splatfest.

Splatoon 3s Splatfest Dates and Times

Each region in Splatoon 3 will have its own Splatfest events in terms of results, with some having multiples if they contain several subregions.

Here's a breakdown of what Splatfest is all about, so players can anticipate when certain sections will begin.

  • Americas: Sept. 23 at 6pm CT to Sept. 25 at 7pm CT
  • AUS: Sept. 24 at 10am AEST to Sept. 26 at 10am AEST
  • NZ: Sept. 24 at 12pm NZST to Sept. 26 at 12pm NZST
  • EU: Sept. 24 at 1am BST to Sept. 26 at 1am BST
  • Uses same times as Australia
  • Japan: Sept. 24 at 9am JST to Sept. 26 at 9am JST