Erin Napier, who plays Elizabeth on HGTV, is launching her dream store

Erin Napier, who plays Elizabeth on HGTV, is launching her dream store ...

Erin Napier and her friends have revealed which store she wants to open next after her next big project in her small Mississippi town of Laurel. It's a business they've been dreaming of for a long time.

One of Erin's Favorite Things is dedicated to a new shop.

Erin Napier's tweet is a guest post from the New York Times. (@erinapier)

On September 7, 2022, the Home Town star sparked a lot of online speculation when she shared an Instagram photo of a lovely shop window, declaring that she was mortified by not being able to divulge what she was working on.

Large floor-to-ceiling banners with vintage books were installed inside, including one that was authored by Napier. Another book banner had the word Laurel on the spine and the year 1882, which is the year that Laurel, MIssissippi the Napiers' hometown was founded as a lumber camp. There were also two with the title Scotsman and another named Portside.

Erin Napier and her friends planned to build a bookstore as a result of her love of literature. On their blog, their colleagues at Laurel Mercantile, the home goods shop they co-own with several friends, spilled the beans: the new structure they've been renovating in downtown Laurel will be a candle shop that will also sell perfumes and room sprays.

That's why the shop window contains the words every scent tells a story. In addition, the titles listed on the book banners are all names of existing candles sold at Laurel Mercantile.

The one Erin claimed was the one she had to hide wasn't a secret at all, as neither Erin nor her followers realized it when she revealed the unfinished shop window in early September. Nevertheless, the store's decor, theme, and customer experience will enthuse even the dullest eyes.

Josh Nowell, one of Napier's best friends and business partners, was ten years ago in charge of purchasing the building where the candle shop will be located, long before the TV program even existed. Renovations to the two-story structure, which dates back to the early 20th century, began in 2022.

Nowell said on the blog that this building is quite unique because I used to live across the street from it. I wanted to see it develop into something that is worthy of its history, and we are starting to see it restore its original state.

Nowell spent years researching the building, which housed Marcus Furniture for many decades. In 1936, it was remodeled with an Art Deco feel, with an architectural glass called vitrolite all over the front of the building, which became a tourist attraction for many years. Laurels downtown was stagnant for many decades.

The fully restored candle shop will continue the Napiers' commitment to reviving Laurel over the last few years.

Erin Has a Special Gift for Scent Memory

Erin's role at Laurel Mercantile is as head of development for their candle line; she not only loves scents, but also a special gift for noticing and remembering them, which she discussed in a May Instagram post.

She said she thought scent memory is such a big part of who I am and what I've been reading lately are called core memories. I've always had this unusual ability to recall things, people, and things in my life from a scent. However, I reverse engineer it: the day I smell something new and wonderful I remember everything about it, internalize it, and make a decision to go back to that time with the sniff of a candle.

On the Laurel Mercantiles blog, she has mentioned that her earliest scent memory is recalling exactly what my mother's perfume smelled like when she was six years old.

Many of her scent memories have become bestsellers at the local stores, soaps, and sprays. For her, each one brings forth particular emotions that bring her back to specific moments and times in her life.

Nowell liked the idea of transforming a house he purchased a decade ago into a candle shop. We wanted to construct a candle store that would honor the power of scent because we believe it can transport you back to the past or take you elsewhere.

Erins has been working on a new candle line for the holiday season on West Oak Street in Laurel sometime this fall.