How 'Harley Quinn' Slowly Turned Its Protagonist Into a Hero

How 'Harley Quinn' Slowly Turned Its Protagonist Into a Hero ...

The following article contains spoilers for all of Harley Quinn's Season 3. From fighting swamp monsters to surviving Bruce Wayne's chaotic mind, the series ended up taking the titular character in a completely different direction: assisting the Bat Family in public safety? In this economy?

In a scene that isn't even involving Harley (Kaley Cuoco), Joker (most likely trying to save his own life as Ivy wants to kill him) talks to Ivy (Lake Bell) about their exes. When Ivy replies that she's doing the same thing not on purpose, Joker replies that she has never forgotten her bat.

How 'Harley Quinn' Sets Up Her Transformation

After dealing with her issues with the Legion of Doom, Joker, and the Injustice League, Harley brings Ivy back to Edin to help her self-actualize as a good girlfriend would. After she convinces Ivy to leave to rescue King Shark (Ron Funches) and Clayface (Tudyk) from Arkham, Harley quickly replies, "There is nothing Id rather do than listen to bae talk about chlorophyll for a few weeks." She then kidnaps Amanda Wall

Harley responds to Ivy's displeasure and asks her to please help you get through your beautiful evil plot. However, both ignored Harley's explicit desire to partner with me, despite her knowing that this was Ivy's intention, not hers.

Harley forced Ivy to take a break to attend the Villies after shenanigans - which turned out to be a great night for them. Catwoman's (Sanaa Lathan) security cameras were destroyed, leading to Franks (J.B. Smoove) being captured.

Harley Quinn Assists Batman in His Problems

Harley decides to leave her hometown of Elmington to kidnap Bruce for Ivy, which leads to a side quest where she rescues Batgirl (Briana Cuoco) from the Mad Hatter (Griffin Newman) at a time when she is unsure of her identity. Remember, she is irritated by Waller for saying Ivy hasn't done anything wrong in years, so the term "good or evil" still has emotional weight.

Harley Quinn is able to do a both heroic and horrific act as Batgirl and kidnap Bruce. The film premiere for A Hard Waynes Gonna Fall will feature an interview with Professor Joe, who claims she is not a good communicator.

When Harley Knows Her True Self, Harley and Ivy End Up in a Better Position.

Let's look back at Harley's journey to this season and consider her bad acts. She fought the Injustice League to punish Joker for freezing her. She went to Ivys wedding because she knew that she wanted to be with her. That is why she goes to such great lengths to keep her quote negative.

At the end, Ivy assures Harley that she will not let Harley go bad because she knows she will not want to. Ivy allows Harley to choose herself, which means they are always loyal to each other but not changing for each other. Its the best choice for both of them, even if Harley helping people conflicts with Ivy running the new Legion of Doom.

The creators have stated that they would never break up as long as they were involved with the program, but the series has developed their relationship to be stronger than that (not to mention that Ivy and Lex Luthor (Giancarlo Esposito) may not work out fully) and they can work well as a couple and friends without doing everything together. For Harley Quinn, the series has built itself on its love for the D.C. Comics world while taking them in new directions.