3 Hours of That for a Former Bachelor Star

3 Hours of That for a Former Bachelor Star ...

Both Bachelor Nation fans and former contestants were enthralled this week by the showy Bachelorette finale that took place on Tuesday nights. Both Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia faced significant obstacles in their respective journeys, and there was plenty of chaos incorporated into the final episode.

Here's all you need to know about it:

Tilley Was Frustrated by the Finale

Becca Tilley's tweet was shared by Becca Tilley (@beccatilley)

Tilley apologised for what she had seen in an Instagram post the morning after the Bachelorette finale. I was like why am I so irritated I just woke up, my story began. And then I realized it was from that Bachelorette finale. Three hours of that for what?!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Bachelorette finale contained a lot of spoilers, including the awful break between Recchia and Tino Franco, and many fans of the show encouraged Windey to come out to discuss his blackface yearbook picture.

Tilleys Instagram story has remained constant, Is it possible that after dragging out the season, they're going to do that to us?!! Also, it felt like Jerry Springer or Maury.

She Had Plenty of Questions

The Bachelorette's Tweet (@bacheloretteabc)

Tilley became more and more angry as her lengthy argument lasted. She explained, I understand wanting to give Rachel a happy/redemption ending, but that was pretty tasteless on the producers side, and she felt cheap to Rachel.

The devil is working hard, but the bachelor program's producers are working harder #bachelorette #thebachelorette pic.twitter.com/j7nxvLfGY1

Nicole Wojnicki (@HappyLilNerd) will be available on September 21, 2022.

Tilley revealed what irritated her the most toward the end, and her answer may surprise some fans while resonating with others. On a more positive note, Tilley admitted she cannot wait for Bachelor in Paradise to premiere.


This was my first time I was left speechless by this program in a long time. Nevertheless, this got me, and another viewer shared an image of the Jones/Franco/Recchia situation.

For THIS, I stayed up till my bed time and bemoaned someone else.

Forget about the most outrageous this s*** is the *messiest* conclusion in #TheBachelorette history, declared another viewer.