The Host of Netflix's 'School of Chocolate' was a natural choice for the series for the Series, which was a Natural Choice

The Host of Netflix's 'School of Chocolate' was a natural choice for the series for the Series, whic ...

Nothing makes you want chocolate and sweets in general, like cooking shows. If you've seen School of Chocolate on Netflix and are thinking of anything made of sugar, you aren't alone.

Under the tutelage of famous pastry chef Amaury Guichon, hopeful chefs gather to compete for a monetary prize and exposure in the series.

But who is the School of Chocolate host? You may have seen him on TikTok or other social media sites showing off his talents, but he was a chocolatier well before TikTok became the destination to go for everything viral and exciting. Now that School of Chocolate is now available on Netflix, more people are curious about him.

Who is the 'School of Chocolate' host?

Amaury grew up in France and was fascinated by baking at the age of 13. He started an introductory pastry training session around that time, and from there, he realized he had a passion for and genuine interest in the food and hospitality industries. He spent the next several years working and learning all there was to know about gastronomy, which is the study of food and culture.

Amaury runs The Pastry Academy, a 10-week program that introduces participants to the pastry industry at the age of 21. If you already have a career in the field, it might assist.

If not, it may encourage you to seek out more information about working in pastry. It's the place to be for pastry chefs that are interested in becoming pastry chefs.

How do you get started in The Pastry Academy?

You can register for one of Amaury's dessert classes on The Pastry Academy's website, which lasts 10 weeks and 400 hours. The classes are divided into 10 modules, each focusing on a specific area of the pastry field, including petits fours, creative pastry, and, of course, chocolate. When you sign up online, you must wait to receive an acceptance letter from the academy.

Then you'll have to pay a $2,000 tuition deposit within three days to secure your spot in the class. You'll receive a confirmation email and information about the class and how to pay the balance of your tuition before the class officially starts. The website doesn't specify what that balance is, but it's likely several thousand more dollars on top of the deposit.

The chef who receives the 'School of Chocolate' receives an amazing prize.

The School of Chocolate winner gets to take part in the Charleston Wine and Food Festival and meet with Cacao Barry's chefs to create their own chocolate.

On top of that, the winner gets a $50,000 prize and the chance to teach a masterclass at The Pastry Academy. They're adamant for proving they're the best at creating masterpieces out of chocolate on the program.

On Netflix, watch School of Chocolate.