The Singing Competition Series at Paramount Plus 'Queen of the Universe' Boasts a Wild Elimination Process

The Singing Competition Series at Paramount Plus 'Queen of the Universe' Boasts a Wild Elimination P ...

Fans of uber-popular reality show RuPaul's Drag Race and American Idol should all be able to watch Paramount Plus's Queen of the Universeaka their sickening lovechild. With RuPaul Charles acting executive producer and BAFTA Award-winning comedian Graham Norton as host, the drag queen singing competition series has no lip-syncing. These fierce queens can't rely on a Lip Sync for Your Life second chance.

There are 14 distinct drag queens from ten countries all over the world showing off their talents in front of superstar judges Michelle Visage, Trixie Mattel, Vanessa Williams, and Leona Lewis all of whom have gag-worthy vocals. Queen of the Universe is set up in a similar style as American Idol; the contestants perform in front of the judges. It's a little complicated as to how eliminations work.

What are the methods for eliminations in the "Queen of the Universe"?

The live audience is not voting rights for demos, but WAP is based on the acronym WAP (which differs significantly from Cardi B's cheeky acronym). "What you're wearing," "All-star attitude," and, most importantly, "Performance."

Seven queens Graham Norton introduces as the "seven drag wonders of the world" give their all in classic live performances based on the theme of the night: "This Is Me."

The judges present their criticisms as per the WAP acronym after each live performance. Around the end of the show, the panicked competitors line up against the stage, and Graham prepares to announce the wiped queen.

The seven gagged and gooped queens are introduced to the second half of competitors (which includes former RuPaul's Drag Race and RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars competitor Jujubee).

"Your universe is about to expand," Graham adds, but the initial seven were unaware that there would be seven more competitors.

But in an unexpected twist, Graham reveals that a whopping six of the 14 queens will be eliminated by the end of the episode. GASP! This leaves just eight remaining queens left.

Betty Bitschlap, Jujubee, Chy'enne Valentino, WooWu, Novaczar, and La Voix were eliminated, and they were sent to pack their wigs.

What should the eliminations do after 'Queen of the Universe' episode 2 be implemented?

RuPaul likes to keep us on our toes, but since there are only eight queens left, we think one queen will be eliminated each episode in the future.

But the surprises don't end here, because the conclusion of Episode 2 reveals that the judges talk among themselves, revealing that they're not confident in the decisions they made.

Vanessa Williams smiles as she thinks "we've made a significant mistake here," citing "We can do whatever we want." RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars Season 3 winner Trixie Mattel jokes, "We're the judges."

We'll be keeping our wigs from here on out, because we have a feeling Queen of the Universe will snatch them all week.

New episodes of Queen of the Universe air Thursdays on Paramount Plus.