Relax, Power Book 2 Isn't Cannceled, Where It Comes Back?

Relax, Power Book 2 Isn't Cannceled, Where It Comes Back? ...

It's no surprise that fans of the Starz network are left wanting more. It started in February 2020 after six seasons following James "Ghost" St. Patrick's life as a part-time Fortune 500 business owner and part-time drug empire member, which came out in February 2020.

There have been headlines about numerous spin-offs of the New York City-based crime drama's cast members, and fans were enraged when Power Book 2: Ghost premiered in early September of 2020.

But the program... ceased as of Oct. 4, 2020, after five episodes.

So when does Power Book 2 return?

This is the million dollar question, as people get annoyed and speculate about the program's termination. If you're one of them, let's chill, because reports claim the hiatus is actually a planned mid-season break.

Yes, the plot of the program returned just a few weeks after it ended, and it regained momentum before cutting off fans to wonder why it didn't start on October 11, 2020 as planned, and hasn't yet returned since. This was always in the production plan.

Why? Thanks for the COVID-19 epidemic for delay in production and airtime, but there's lots of good news! It's coming back, and no less this year.

Sources claim that Starz has announced that the series will continue in December, but no exact start date has yet been announced, according to sources.

Fans may anticipate five more full episodes to conclude this first season, which will be available for download here.

Expect to see even more Power Book 2 seasons take place in the coming months.

The first Power series was successful from the start, but the second was even more successful, with a reported 7.5 million multi-platform views on its first week alone. As Variety claims, this is the most-watched new series in Starz history.

So it just makes sense that Starz wants to keep going on its path of success and the enormous connection between fans and its characters and narratives.

In fact, this split has already been confirmed for a Season 2 which is currently underway.

"The success of Ghost right out of the gate is a homage to [creator] Courtney Kemp's narrative, the strength of the Power franchise, and the dedication of our amazing fans," Starz Original Programming President Christina Davis said. "We look forward to furthering into this world in exciting new ways for many seasons to come," "Stilson's "successful"

More Power spin-offs, as well as more Power spin-offs, are now available.

Given the series' blockbuster nature, it's no surprise there's more Power in store beyond Power Book 2, which means even more exciting news for hardcore fans.

Following a broad range of the show's most prominent protagonists, Starz has ordered at least three more prequel or sequel-style programs.

Stay on the hunt for official Season 1 return dates as well as release dates for future seasons and subsequent spin-offs.