Tommy Egan Is Getting His Own Spin-Off 'Power' Show, But Is He In 'Book 2'?

Tommy Egan Is Getting His Own Spin-Off 'Power' Show, But Is He In 'Book 2'? ...

Power is probably the most popular Starz program the premium cable network provider has ever produced, with a lot of mix of sex, drugs, and violence mixed in New York City with a lot of memorable characters, the series has been a smashing success and there are lots of distinct spin-off shows following the various characters' personal journeys. Power Book 2: Ghost is now out now, and fans want to know if Tommy Egan is in book 2?

Tommy Egan is starting a new book, 'Book V: Force', which will be released in Los Angeles.

The interaction between James St. Patrick (Ghost) and Tommy Egan was the highlight for many viewers, and Actor Joseph Sikora enlightens Tommy with a ride-or-die attitude, passion for his family and friends, a high craving for soul food (and cocaine), and a general humour that makes him a joy to watch.

As a result, people were stoked to learn that after arriving in Los Angeles, he would be receiving his own spin-off series.

The new series is the fifth spin-off in the Power world, so it'll probably take some time to get the new episodes out. We've still lots of episodes of Book II: Ghost on the horizon (props to my man Justin McManus nabbing a role in it), then Book III: Kanan is a prequel focusing on 50 Cent's character's journey through the drug game and set in the '90s.

The former police officer turned corrupt councilman to New York state governor's series would most likely have some major The Wire Season 3 vibes.

Is Tommy Egan in 'Power Book 2'?

While we'll be seeing a lot of Ghost's partner-in-crime in his own series, fans want to see if Tommy will return in the series. And it appears like there's a lot of possibility of that happening for several reasons.

WARNING: Your horizons will be filled with surprises.

Because Tasha blamed Ghost's death on him, the most significant reason why it appears like Tommy's going back to Power is because it appears like Tommy's returning to Power.

While Tariq was the one who played his pops in, Tommy's the one who was getting all of the smoke right now, so it's difficult to believe that he'll not be included in the new series. Putting him in Book II, which is already dealing with one of the show's key stars missing, would most likely be met with praise from long-time viewers of the program.

LaToya Tonodeo has piqued fans of the program.

The actress nabbed her first credits back in 2009, but her career began taking off when she landed a recurring role in The Fosters and then The Oath. Power Book II: Ghost is a mainstay as Diana Tejada, the young singer is a mainstay in Power Book II: Ghost.

"It makes going to work simple because I got into the groove of things and met everyone at the table read, they really welcomed each and every one of us like family." It was so warm and inviting, just a delight to be around. They are fantastic. It makes going to work easy," LaToya said. "It makes going to work easy."

On Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET, on Starz, you may catch new episodes of the program or stream it here.