Fans are convinced that Tariq will not remake 'Power' Season 6 if he survives

Fans are convinced that Tariq will not remake 'Power' Season 6 if he survives ...

Warning: There will be plenty of spoilers for Power Season 6.

We're not even halfway through the sixth and final season of Power, and fans are tired of it.

Tariq, the oldest son of James "Ghost" St. Patrick and Tasha, has already been expelled from his costly private school Choate, stole goods from his Uncle Tommy's warehouse, and organized his own kidnapping with his family nemesis, Vincent.

And we won't even mention all the shenanigans that got his twin sister, Raina, slain in Season 6it appears that Tariq, who is portrayed by Michael Rainey Jr., can't keep away from danger, which has fans wondering:

Is Tariq killed in Power Season 6?

Tariq has been close to death so many times throughout this series, whether it's when he was kidnapped by Kanan and Jukebox, or when he shot and killed Ray Ray Ray as a payback for Raina's death?

Tariq appears to have nine lives, but fans expect that Season 6 will be the final episode of the story of the aspirant hustler.

"Anyways, I caught up on Power and tbh.... can Tariq just die already," one viewer said. Another said, "If Tariq is gonna die in Power, he has to die a horrific death. What a useless son."

"The day Tariq dies/goes to prison for life will be a pleasant f--king day," a third laughed in. "Tariq dies/goes to prison for life will be a good f--king day."

Tariq is mentioned as the protagonist of a Power rift.

Tariq, on the other hand, may not keep the Starz series alive, as there are rumors that the network is working on a spinoff centered around his character.

"Today we are pleased to announce that we are in pre-production on the first of what we're sure will be a series series based on the dynamic world of Power," executive producer Courtney Kemp stated earlier this year.

Could one of those series primarily revolve around Tariq? There are no confirmed details yet, but the prequel series Power Book 2: Ghost will stars Mary J. Blige.

Tariq and his classmate Effie are definitely collaborating and attempting to form a drug business of their own, like Ghost (Omari Hardwick) and Tasha (Naturi Naughton).

Meanwhile, Ghost will try to keep Tariq out of the streets.

Following his "kidnapping," and his expulsion from school, Ghost is determined to get Tariq back in the classroom, stating his ex-wife Tasha, "We'll simply find a school that will take him and he'll have a life I never had. A genuine education."

Ghost, on the other hand, issued some warnings to his kid. "Keep thinking you're smarter than me," he told Tariq. "Don't ever make that mistake again son."

Even Keisha (La La Anthony) understands that Tariq is a lost cause, remarked to Tommy (Joseph Sikora), "Tariq is not the same kid we knew growin' up. He's different now."

When you need Vincent, where is Vincent wearing his bag of oranges?

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