Mobile Legends: Adventure Codes (February 2022)

Mobile Legends: Adventure Codes (February 2022) ...

Our Mobile Legends: Adventure Codes are a more up-to-date list of items, styles, and other freebies for your room design needs.

If you find one that is missing, please tell us the exact code in the comments below so we can remove it.

If the code isn't listed properly, it might not work properly!

All Mobile Legends: Adventure Codes have a maximum number of redemptions.

  • [Codes Checked Jan. 31]
  • CUNZJZ22274
  • TNEEY822275
  • 8TKYE8
  • 6OQGJ7
  • 8TKYE8
  • TNEEY822275
  • MBZHQ5
  • HJPHU222277
  • TNEEY822275
  • CUNZJZ22274
  • SZYP34
  • DPW4TB
  • KB7LF7
  • xmasfun689 (some report it works for them as XMASFUN689)
  • CGUNBA22264
  • BFU77C22263
  • 5TS2JD22262
  • DKMEQF2225W
  • 888888
  • 888888
  • 5WYYQZThird Bubble Spell
  • SUMMER777
  • XSGXZJSecond Bubble Spell
  • HOTMLAFirst Bubble Spell
  • U6PTKZ2224V
  • R3Z428 Mirage 4th Chest CodeRedeem for 500 Diamonds and 3 Summon Tickets
  • 00NATAN00Redeem for 500 Diamonds
  • AKAKURO77Redeem for 777 Diamonds, 2 Support Tickets, and 7777 Coins
  • MLAFBFANRedeem for 1000 Diamonds
  • VMNFZA22248Redeem for 500 Diamonds
  • MLAIG500K
  • 888888
  • MLMLA0908
  • AU5ZWR2223J
  • HV4K4V2223K
  • HVXFZM2223Q
  • 8G763N22239
  • SUKNBJ2223M
  • T6J3GG2223R
  • EV4UTW2223U
  • HVXFZM2223Q
  • 47BWK42223S
  • MLAIG500K

When on the Main Game Screen, you can find Mobile Legends: Adventure Codes and press the Event button on the left of the screen.

On this new screen, you''ll see a Redeem CD-Key to the left. Press it.

Type or copy & paste the code into the language it tells you about the CD key. After you have done that press Confirm.

If the code has worked, a pop-up will notify you of all your items you have received. If the code has expired, a message will appear saying Code Expired or Wrong Format.

If the Max Redemption Limit Reached message is displayed, the code has a limit of redemption uses, and they''ve all been used, and it's now retired.

For Chest codes unlocks, you have to click on Event and type in the password where it says Please enter Code.