The promotion of Deep Rock Galactic is a good lesson for Call of Duty's Prestige System

The promotion of Deep Rock Galactic is a good lesson for Call of Duty's Prestige System ...

There are several aspects of the Deep Rock Galactic game that deserve praise. Ghost Ship Games and Coffee Stain Studios have done an excellent job of supporting and expanding the title, adding new missions, weapons, and cosmetics to the in-depth game.

The Promotion system in Deep Rock Galactic is a great match for the Call of Duty Prestiges. Despite some things that make Promotions feel special, they will not only fit well into the games mining companies' themes, but the presentation and unlocks that are tied to them bring them to the next level. Call of Duty might benefit from a similar approach, adding more fanfare and placing more emphasis on its Prestiges.

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What Prestiges For Call of Dutys Thinks It Might Learn From Deep Rock Galactics Promotions

Prestiging in Call of Duty is the same as Promoting a dwarf in Deep Rock Galactic. Both systems see players changing their levels, unlocking a new emblem or profile border before continuing to level up their accounts.

Players should not just promote their dwarves after hitting the level cap, but they are given a special mission to complete in order to earn themselves the right to be promoted. The Call of Duty series might also add a few pre-Prestige challenges, with players requiring to do a little more than just earning XP.

Players will need a special Prestige screen to reset their levels, but it should also be shown once they reach a certain level. There is a lot of room to make Prestiges feel more impactful.

All Promotions after the first are simply ways to unlock new profile boundaries, but the first is essentially empowering the rest of the game. Deep Rock Galactic players get access toDeep Dives, which are long and tedious missions, and they also get access to the Forge, which allows them to unlock new materials and unique upgrades for their weapons arsenal.

The Prestige Shop was a welcome addition in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, but more could be done with the system going forward. Like in Deep Rock Galactic, players might unlock a Forge once they get to the game, giving them the chance to make more difficult cosmetics every time they go through the ranks.

Deep Rock Galactic is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox One.

This month, Deep Rock Galactic will be one of the free games for PS Plus users. There is a lot more to the co-op mining game than meets the eye.